Wednesday, June 1

Camera Fail

Man, we spent a whole weekend in Kentucky visiting family and I didn't take one picture.


I can't imagine how anyone with more than two kids manages to get pictures regularly.  How do you do it?

So, you'll have to imagine with me.  It was a beautiful weekend, full of sun and humidity.  We spent lots of time enjoying family, celebrating birthdays, eating favorite local food and shopping at the Gap outlet.  Man, I miss that place up north.  No good deals like that in Michigan.

We worshiped with our friends at Grace Fellowship Church and were so refreshed by the parenting series Brad is doing.  It was a great sermon for us to hear and apply.

The drive home was especially nice with no air conditioning.  (The sarcasm is just bleeding from that sentence.)  For those of you oldies like me, you remember the days of long road trips in the back seat - no seat belt, no car seat, no air conditioning.  That's pretty much how this trip felt...although the kids were safely strapped in their seats...most of the time.  Driving 70 mph with the windows down for six hours is enough to make your head explode.

When we arrived to our newly air conditioned home, we were ecstatic.  The temperature was 90 degrees.  Our house was 75.  Woo hoo!

So, we're back to the grind.  The final weeks of school are upon us.  We're itching for summer to arrive in full force.  And to help that along, I'm heading off to the farmer's market to see what kind of deals I can snag on some fresh food for us. 

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melissa said...

Man. I have a hard time taking pictures when I'm really wanting to. Grabbing my camera at random and snapping a few pictures is fine. But birthday parties or trips or anything like that? It's hard. And also - our van is in the shop getting the a/c fixed. It hasn't been working for like .. two years. I totally know what you mean about the windows down = head explosion.