Monday, June 13

Our Wilderness Adventure

Ok, so we just went camping.  But I'd say with two kids under the age of three - who have never even seen a camping tent before - it was an adventure. Its always nice to experience a new adventure with a family who has done it before.

This picture cracks me up.  That would be Annelise taking a picture of Elli, while they are supposed to be sleeping.  Stinkers!  Caught in the act...

And this is what Annelise looks like today...tired much?  We're laying low, cleaning and doing lots of school on the computer.

I couldn't resist posting this one.  In the midst of the camping mess (we literally dropped our bags in a pile and crashed when we got home) I found Mr. Piggy, sound asleep under Elli's blanket.  I wonder who is responsible for that?

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Liz K said...

love the background and love the fact you went camping!! Makes me a little homesick to see you guys and the Williams! So glad you had a good time!