Monday, June 20

I got nothing.

I'm lacking in creativity these days.  I swear growing a baby equals a shrinking brain.  Anyone else with me?

In between lots of morning sickness, we've tried our best to celebrate our anniversary, my birthday and father's day.  Oh, and we did all of it this weekend.

I was feeling good on Saturday, so Matt surprised me with a lunch reservation at the Melting Pot.  Love that place!  It's probably the last time we'll go there for a while, but it was worth every penny.  I love the long, drawn out fondue cooking process, which gives us time to chat and savor every bite.  Where else can you get a two hour lunch with your spouse, uninterrupted.  You pay for the experience and its totally worth it.  And after lunch, we did something very foreign to parents of young children.  We went to a the IMAX.  It was glorious.

So, kudos go to my husband for a wonderful day, full of all the things I'd wish for (well, minus a pedicure...) on my birthday.

To top the weekend off, the four of us celebrated Father's Day lunch at Red Robin for only $5.  Yup!  With my free birthday burger and the girls splitting a meal, we were all full and happy...on a budget.  It was a rush!

After celebrating some more with afternoon naps (what?  I think naps are something worth celebrating!) we headed over to my parents for dinner and fun in the sprinklers.  Well, the kids did anyways.


Lee and Candace said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend celebration!

Pam said...

When all your parents grandkids start playing in the sprinkler...there is going to be one big crowd. SO FUN!