Friday, October 23

A New Venture

Wireless Zone of Holland
Becky Bartlett, Owner - Jason Parks, Sales Associate - Matt Bartlett, Store Manager

My parents have realized a dream of theirs this week:  Opening a family business.  For years my dad has talked about buying a franchise of sorts.  When they began talking seriously about purchasing a Wireless Zone , I have to admit, I was skeptical.  But this week, Wireless Zone of Holland opened its doors to serve the wireless needs of the community.

If you know my family - you are not surprised at the choice of franchise.  We have always been a little technology-obsessed (to say the least).  It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for you to visit our family Thanksgiving and find us talking about the latest cell phone technology or wireless communication.  The Wireless Zone business model fits us well.  It is the largest carrier of Verizon Wireless products and services, which we are loyal to.

And to keep in the spirit of a family run business, I will be helping out as Director of Marketing.  Its a natural fit, being that its my current profession and I already work for my dad.  I'm very excited about the opportunity.

So, in an effort to support the business...ahem...I purchased a Blackberry Storm yesterday.  I love technology.


Stephanie Clark said...

Rah, your brothers have the Peter Pan stance going on! Your ma is as cute as always though! Tell them Congrats!!

Lee and Candace said...

Maybe we'll just have to stop in there on our way up to Ludington sometime.:)

Anonymous said...

What a great business to be in! So happy for all involved. I'm sure your mom is loving it. Now I know why she has been so busy and tired. Congratulations to the entire family!
~Aunt Cathy

Mike Freestone, CAS said...

We look forward to the success the Bartletts will enjoy in this new endeavor....congrats' marketing girl!

Eric said...

Congratulations! But the Storm? I would have held out for Droid :)

Well, when you're ready to do TV or radio advertising give me a shout - I'd love to work on some stuff for you guys.

The Neals said...

yeah, i thought about waiting for the droid, but was itching to get a new phone now! i still had the old yucky moto q. EW! plus, i want to see how the droid rates once its out for a while.

we're actually interested in some tv advertising - for the holidays. i have a few local contacts, but would be interested to know what your pricing is.

Eric said...

I'll be getting a new phone pretty soon here (I think we bought our current one right after we were married). I'll email you about TV stuff.