Sunday, April 27

Being a Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner - and will be the first time I get to celebrate it as an active participant.  I must say, motherhood is the most rewarding job I've ever had.  Recently I stumbled upon a blog post that said something like "Motherhood is definitely the hardest job I've ever had." I totally disagree!  Is motherhood difficult at times...yes.  But, I can't say it's the hardest job I've ever had.  

Let's assume that Annelise is my boss (going along with the "job" comparison)...
  • I never feel like I need to perform well for her to approve of me.  She accepts me as I am - and loves me regardless of my mistakes.
  • I never feel like if I do a bad job, she could replace me with someone more qualified - or a machine for that matter.
  • I don't have to get dressed up for her - she prefers me in my sweats with no make-up.
  • I can disregard the schedule for a day, without severe consequence - other than the ramifications of missing a nap. :)
These are just a few of the reasons why I love being a mom - and DON'T find it difficult.  Its the most natural, rewarding task I've ever had - even if I'm not perfect at it!


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

AMEN sista !!

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Pam said...

I agree whole heartedly!!! Being a Mommy is the best and most rewarding job I have ever had, and not the most difficult. It's hard at times but it's forgotten with one big smile from my little boy.