Wednesday, April 23


Lee - I recently saw a picture of you with a Mac at your house.  So, I assume you can help?

I have a problem.  I have a Samsung video recorder that records on SD memory cards and mini DVR's.  I also have a MacBook Pro.  I video taped Annelise rolling over this morning, with hopes of uploading the video to my blog.  I recorded it on the DVR.  I can't get my Mac to recognize the video recorder when I plug it into the USB drive.  There is no disk (I knew that would be the next question).  My Mac won't take mini DVR's.  Can you help?

And if you're not Lee Nordine....I still welcome the help.

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Lee and Candace said...

have you tried turning the recorder to the play mode when you plug it in. the other thing is that the DVR option may not show up on usb only the SD card. Mac's sometimes don't see these type of things on usb either cause they were designed for PC.. Not you have firewire option on the camera, you could try that. sorry if this isn't much help.

I was having trouble capturing video today also at church...maybe tomorrow it will be better?

I'll let you know if i think of anything else.