Wednesday, April 30


what was i doing ten years ago??
i was 15 (almost 16).  not a fun time in my life.  in a word - rebellion.  moving right along...

5 things on my "to-do" list...
  • the bane of my existence (aka laundry)
  • clean the house
  • a few grocery items to get
  • plan our anniversary day away
  • make a dentist appointment (fyi - this never gets done, therefore is a permanent fixture on the to do list)
snacks i enjoy
i'm baring my soul here...
  • little debbie snack cakes (thus the reason i'm still 10 pounds behind on the baby weight loss)
  • cereal
  • baby carrotts
  • candy - all kinds
  • elephant ears - did i mention its Tulip Time here?

five things i'd do if i were a billionaire...
  • tithe to the church
  • give to the rescue mission
  • give to the school
  • buy a new house
  • quit work

my 5 bad habits... (mine are eerily similar to cydney's)
  • laziness
  • tv watching
  • diarrhea of the mouth
  • forgetfulness
  • eating junk food

places i've lived...
  • saginaw, michigan
  • holland, michigan
  • banska bystrica, slovakia
  • chicago, illinois
  • jarabacoa, dominican republic
  • crescent springs, kentucky
  • fort wright, kentucky
five jobs i've had...
  • holland rescue mission thrift store - cashier
  • good earth bagels - shift manager/barista
  • moody bible institute - human resource assistant
  • nanny
  • northern kentucky chamber of commerce - special events assistant
  • holland rescue mission - development associate

who's next????
  • cousin pam
  • stacy pauls
  • janelle spence
  • melissa talbert
  • katie nuelsen

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Lee and Candace said...

So I've been meaning to make a dentist appt. for the last 3 months. Lee just had to go to the Dr. for allergies, which he hasn't been do the Dr. since we have been married (he hates it), so the going to the dentist might just put him over the edge:)