Sunday, April 6

Day Four

Since Daddy's been gone, Annelise has progressed by leaps and bounds!  Here's a few new things she's doing lately...

  • She found her fist and now loves to "eat" it constantly!
  • She is a TV junkie.  Someone please help me.  The child loves the boob tube.
  • She can play with toys!!!  We bought a new swing and a carseat toy - both of which she can reach out and touch the toys.  We sometimes here a giggle from the back seat.
  • She sleeps through the night.  I had to blog about this one, because Matt will never believe it.  She slept 10 hours the night he left and another 10 the next night.  Since, she's been sleeping at least 7 hours at a time.  Mommy loves it!
We also went to visit my Aunt Sue and cousin Angie this weekend.  It was a lot of fun seeing cousins Ty and Wyatt.  We'll hopefully post pictures soon (when Ang emails them to me *hint hint*).


Lee and Candace said...

Oh Isabel loves the TV too. Especially when she was littler, she would stare at it even when it wasn't on.:) Awesome on the sleep!

angie said...

My computer is on the fritz, hopefully i'll have it working in a few days, then i'll mail you some photos! It was great to see you guys, now it's our turn to come there hopefully soon!