Thursday, April 10

Zambia Update

Matt's trip to Zambia is quickly coming to a close.  They are six hours ahead of us - and enjoying their last day of ministry as a team.  Tomorrow, they head to Victoria Falls to spend the day site seeing and curio shopping.  Then, they are flying home!  Here is an update on their trip.  Thanks for praying!

Greetings from Choma, Zambia. Or should I say - Mwalibihabuti. 
It's Wednesday afternoon and I'm sitting in the World Hope office writing this email while the students are outside playing "futbol" with the neighborhood kids- and thoroughly enjoying it. That would be, I think, the theme of a lot of this trip so far - we're enjoying it thoroughly. It's been wonderful to watch each student "soak in" the new culture, new sights, new people, new language all around them. We've packed each day full - we've worked on rebuilding homes, put on a youth rally, visited people in their homes, prayed for them, played with kids, and just generally seen God and His people and their struggles on another side of the world.
We praise God for a healthy team - that's been great. And we've had safe travels in all of our bumping along dusty roads into villages, etc. We also praise God for effective ministry too. For Monday and Tuesday we worked closely with students in the village of Siachetema. The students were able to build strong, authentic relationships and love on the many children the follow us wherever we go. The students put on a youth rally for the Siachetema students - complete with a wonderful skit, testimonies, and even "preaching" by our senior guys! It's been wonderful to watch each student step up to whatever task placed in front of them - no matter how uncomfortable - and do it well. They've definitely not been able to stay in their comfort zones.
Today is officially our last day in Choma - where we have been centered. Tomorrow we will travel 1 1/2 hours to Zimba where we will tour a mission hospital. We'll then help them with work projects, and spend the night at a nearby guest house. Then on Friday we'll get up early, visit Victoria Falls, and fly out. Many of the students, when they realized that today was our last day in Choma, expressed how fast this time has gone. And, truly, I believe they are leaving a bit of their hearts in this beautiful place. 
Thank you so much for your prayers during this time. We have faced great things and also tough things and we have seen God work. Please keep praying as we continue with this trip. Pray for safe travels, pray for discernment and compassionate hearts for all of us, and pray that God will be glorified in everything we do. 

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