Wednesday, May 28


Men Beware

Anne is a little over four months now and has put herself on a really nice schedule.  I've noticed lately that she's only interested in nursing four times a day.  I suspect that the doctor will want me to start feeding her solids on a regular basis when we see him this Friday.  When I'm working, its very difficult for me to pump, so there are days when I only breast feed her three times.  Is this going to really affect my milk supply?  So far, I haven't noticed a huge decrease and my supply seems to be meeting her demands.  Any advice on this would help.



The Kampers said...

First off, if you don't want Anne on solids all the time, then don't do it. Forrest was over a year old before he was eating 3 meals of solids a day. You can just do one meal until you feel like adding more. Maybe the meal that you are gone for when you are working.

Also, right now, if you want to keep nursing and keep your supply up, offer the breast first even at the solid meal. That way Anne will get what she needs and then she can have her baby food.

The nursing thing is all about supply and demand. So, if you want her to keep nursing and she wants to, keep at it. Make sure you are drinking enough water and you should be fine. Your body will know what to do with what Anne is telling it.

Forrest is still nursing about 2 times a day. We wanted to keep going, but you and Anne just need to decide. Don't' let the Dr. try and tell you she needs solids at this point. She would be fine if she nursed exclusively until she was a year old. But if you want to start her on food now, that's fine too.

Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes.

Kara said...

With Adam (child #2) I was working outside the home 3 days a week. I nursed him before I left the house, pumped at lunch, then nursed him when I got home, but that little bugger liked the bottle so much he wanted nothing to do with me after 5 1/2 months. I was heart broken.

The last 2 kids (I only work one day a week now) have nursed exclusively for 6 months and ended completely around 14 mo. of age, they just weaned themselves. At 6 mo. they seem to start grabbing for things on the table, so I slowly introduced food at that time. I totally agree with Mrs. Kamper above and offer breast before the food, and drink lots of water, which is a problem I always have!

Kentucky Kate said...

If you aren't noticing a problem, then I say don't worry about it. You will usually notice a supply issue if you have one.

Just start her on solids whenever you are ready. I think 4 months is the minimum, but I did 4 with Elise, and 7 with Evie. Since you are working, solids are probably going to be more convenient to start as early as the dr says.

The Neals said...

thanks for the advice ladies! BF is really hard for me right now. i think anne has developed a stronger suck again and i'm so sore. its torturous to nurse her, but i think we'll make it through.

The Kampers said...

Hang in there lady! There is an ebb and flow to that all. Do you have any lanolin cream? That is a lifesaver when it comes to soreness!

The Talberts said...

Our doctor always gives the solid go-ahead at four months, but we wait. There are some huge benefits to waiting on the solids.

I agree with the other commenter who said that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can start some solids but not have Anne eating regular solid meals every day. We started Libby on bananas and just gave them to her when it was convenient (like .. when we had a banana and a fork and she seemed hungry).

For the first year, milk should be her primary source of nourishment - breastmilk or formula.

Hang in there. :)

The Neals said...

i started using my shield today and that is helping. the lanolin cream is my best friend also. we';; see what happens! i plan to keep bf at this point!

Kentucky Kate said...

Good for you. It can be a struggle at times. For the most part, I love breastfeeding, but every once in a while I long for the freedom of being done.

What did the doctor say about food? We are feeding Evie solids now. She eats a few bites almost every day and I give her some mostly when I realize she's hungry and my milk isn't cutting it. It's super convenient for the times that we are out and it's easier to give her mushy banana than try to nurse discreetly. But, once you start, you can't really stop.

Anonymous said...

Rach, I'm so glad you found the sheild, it was my best friend and only way I could breast feed with my babies. I'm just going to bring it with me to the hospital this time instead of waiting until I'm bleeding and in pain! :-)

Good job sticking with it, I'm sure you're a great mommy!!!
And Anne is beautiful!!
~Krissy Livingston