Friday, May 16


Don't you love weekends in the Spring?  So much gets done around the house - and everyone seems to be in a good mood.  This weekend, we're reroofing our house.  Here's the before picture: 

And, I couldn't post of picture of our inanimate house without also posting one of our beautiful baby girl!  She is getting so big lately.  I was going to write about how content she has been, but that just doesn't seem right as I sit here and listen to her crying in her bed.  It's nap time and she's refusing.  


Lee and Candace said...

What an adorable princess...and ah yes spring...yet so much grass to mow!

Lee and Candace said...

by the way...we REALLY like the numbers on the house:) You must have gone to like 3 stores to get the perfect ones:)

Anonymous said...

You need to put the video of the laughing on here. It great!

The Neals said...

you're hilarious candace!

mom - as soon as i finalize the cd, that video will be up here! :) i'm sure it will make your day on more than one occasion!