Monday, May 12

The Dress

It seems to me that Annelise already knows the difference between jeans and dresses.  My Aunt Sue bough her this beautiful dress for Easter - but it was too big at the time.  So, with the weather being cool this weekend, we put it on her for church.  She looked absolutely adorable.  But, putting it on her was hilarious.  I had her on the changing table as normal, she was cooing and laughing.  I put the dress and on and she went limp.  She dropped her arms and stared at me as if to say "Are you for real?"  She never does that when I put jeans and a t-shirt on her.  Maybe this is a forecast of our future?  Either way, she got TONS of compliments at church.  Thanks Aunt Sue!  I hope she gets to wear it a few more times. 
 And this is a picture of Annelise and I at Panera Bread this past week.  We met up with some old friends from high school and had a blast playing with the babies!  This was Anne's second outfit - she pooped through the first one.  This same thing happened the last time we went to Panera.  I think we'll boycott it for a while - at least until she gets her blow outs under control!


Kara said...

Oh I am so happy I 'm having another girl!!!!!!! She is so cute!!!!!!

Lee and Candace said...

You guys look so cute together! Happy Mother's Day!:)