Wednesday, May 28

Trip to Kentucky

Well, we had a wonderful weekend in Kentucky.  Here's what I learned...

  • Pumping breast milk in one hand while feeding your infant child a bottle in the other is great multitasking, until you realize the semi sitting in front of you has front row tickets to the show.
  • Annelise doesn't like to sleep in the car (like her mama).  That was a bummer.
  • Spending an evening with friends is worth every minute of the six hour drive!
  • I couldn't have picked a better family to marry into.  My in-laws are wonderful!
  • Buying a mini-van was the best decision we've made recently.  Its amazing how much "stuff" you have to pack for a 4-month old.  And we used every bit of it.
  • The Gap Outlet is still my favorite place to shop!
  • The ride home gets faster the more kids you have.  I figure by the time we have three, we'll click our heals and be there!

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