Friday, May 9

First Cereal

Anne and I went to Target today - and as I walked past the baby food aisle, I thought "Mmmm...I wonder if she'd like any of that?" So, I bought some bananas for her to try. She seemed to really like it! Here's some pictures with captions. Enjoy!  

So happy...she has no idea what's about to happen!

"Hm...this doesn't taste like breast milk at all."

This is the poop face.  She decided to stop and fill her pants.

At the end, she sneezed and everything came out.  Apparently, she thought it was funny.


the Pie family said...

awww! so cute with the messy face! so, she liked it ok? i like her poop face too. :)

Pam said...

Happy first mother's day, one day late!!

Lee and Candace said...

Isabel poops when she eats all the time. I guess they have to make more room to get more down:)