Monday, May 4

The Great Room Switch

After LOTS of hard work, we finally made the great room switch this weekend.  Annelise officially has her own big girl room, complete with crib, twin bed (which she will graduate to when her sibling arrives), along with all of her toys!  Mommy is very pleased that all of her toys fit into the room and are not scattered throughout the house.  Just a part of my anal-ness.

As a result of Anne's big girl room, I now officially have an office - that is JUST an office!  No guest bed, ironing board, baskets of laundry or toys.  I'm a work-from-home mommy, so having my own space is very nice.  Its near the kitchen, half bath and living area.  So, I can see all, hear all and still accomplish all.  Its a complete feeling.

Our digital camera pooped out, so I had to take pictures on our video camera.  Not so great. But, you get the gist.  Also, please don't assume that because we no longer have a guest room, that means we don't want guests.  We do!  In fact, three of my lovely Kentucky girls are coming to visit this very weekend.  They'll be staying in the studio apartment at my parents' house (which was built with the intended purpose of housing guests).  So, come one, come all!  Did I mention there's a park and a pool right there too?  Hm...I'm hear the pages of calendars turn as I type.  I'm sure the Kamper's would be willing to give us a good reference.  They stay there often when they visit Holland.  And, without being biased at all, my parents are pretty darn good hosts.

The beautiful book shelf in my office, complete with blue lamp shade and brown satin curtain. Though you can't see it, just outside the window is an array of flowers and all-things green that my hubby works hard to maintain.  Its a pretty site!

My desk, with covered file cabinet.  Did I mention I spent 5 hours on Friday, filing receipts and papers all the way back to 2005?  Who keeps this much stuff?

Annelise'  big girl bed.  I wish the colors were more vibrant on screen.  Her bedding is from IKEA and most of her toys are as well.  I've heard bright colors help babies develop faster?

The other side of her room, with crib (which she was sleeping in at the time of the picture). There's lots of rug space to play in the middle of the room.  


The Kampers said...

Great job! Isn't it nice to have a "command center"? I wouldn't know what to do without my desk/filing cabinet! Noah just laughs! And yes, the Bartlett Hotel is WONDERFUL!!! and Darryl and Becky are great hosts! Miss them a lot!

oh and my word verification is lutinac...sounds like a lunatic who has a thing for macs!

Lee and Candace said...

Okay so I'm feeling like you are WAY ahead of me in this whole switching rooms process/preparing for baby #2. At church yesterday people kept asking me if I was ready for the response...uh...I guess I hadn't really thought about it.

It finally occurred to me I should maybe start thinking about getting the baby's clothes out or something. Hey, I have two months right? ONLY TWO MONTHS???? Lee's says I'll start nesting (FREAKING OUT) soon enough:)

Your rooms looks great!!!

The Neals said...

liz - it does feel great to have a command center! it was so hard to work with a queen sized bed in the room with me...maybe i should say tempting!

candace - oh, you're not far behind. the only reason we did it this early is because my sister comes home from college this weekend and we traded her beds. so, we thought it would be best to get it done before she comes home...with ALL of her stuff.

The Talberts said...

Everything looks great!