Monday, November 23


I was sure I was crazy this morning when I decided to take the girls to the grocery store by myself.  I mean, what mother in her right mind would take a newborn baby and an almost two year old to Meijer the Monday before Thanksgiving all by herself?

That would be me (though some may beg to differ on the "right mind" part).  I am proud to say it was a huge success!  Thank goodness too, because Matt works a long day today and won't be home until well after bedtime for the two kiddos.  Had we not enjoyed such a wonderful experience, it would have made for a much longer day for mommy.

Now, who wants to help me get this house cleaned?


The Talberts said...

Ha. We headed to the supermarket today, too! We did this frantic speed-shop thing around nine a.m. and managed to make it out without anyone staring or giving me any parenting advice. A success here, too! Glad your day is going well. It really is the little things that make all the difference, isn't it? :)

the Pie family said...

congrats on your achievement! i know the feeling of success that you are experiencing. treasure might never feel it again. but maybe that's just me, because i have a boy and "boys are much different than girls.". :)

Krista Bartlett said...

I remember that day Rachael. I remember thinking "you gotta do it sometime." I think the worst part is the kid lifting. Out of the car, into the cart, out of the cart, into the car... then to the chiropracter.

Pam said...

Good job Rachael! That is one thing that I'm actually NOT looking forward to with the new baby. Maybe by then Evan won't be so "helpful" and leave things on the shelf, not bite into random produce (he bit a potato last week!) and not cry for the horsey as soon as we walk in.