Friday, January 8

Annelise - 2 Years Old

For my memories...

Annelise turns two this month and is growing by leaps and bounds. She is at a very fun stage of life - we enjoy laughing with her and at her often! Here are a few of her recent milestones.

  • She can sing her ABC's - well at least the correct tune, even if not all the letters.
  • She recognizes most shapes - square, circle, heart, star and sometimes oval and rectangle.
  • Colors are a challenge for her. Most things start out being "pink and red" until we correct her.
  • She loves to eat "ca-cakes" for breakfast and uses utensils very well.
  • Each morning when she wakes up, she drags her blankie and bear-bear out of her room and promptly asks, Where did Daddy go? The answer is usually, He's workin' or He's sleepin' in da bed.
  • Lately, she has begun to speak in complete sentences, though most things are still incoherent.
  • She loves Elli Grace and often wants to hold her or bounce her seat. She is a big helper to mommy.
  • Running circles around the house is one of her favorite pastimes - and she regularly asks to watch toonies, though the answer is most always not right now.
  • Inevitably, despite her irregular cartoon watching, Dora Boots and Kai Lan are favorites and she loves to sing the Wonder Pets theme song.
We look forward to celebrating her two years of life this next week!

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