Monday, January 11

Grab that Shovel

Monday is always a digging out day for me. We love having daddy home on the weekends, but somehow my house always pays the price. Dishes piled up on the sink, dirty diapers scattered throughout the nursery, unlaundered clothes begging to be...well, laundered. You get the idea.
So, I'm grabbing my shovel and digging us out. It could take all day.

In other news, January is a big birthday month for us. Annelise turns 2 and Matt joins her in celebrating his 34th year. Wow.

Since Annelise needs absolutely nothing (in fact, I should GIVE AWAY items in honor of her birthday), we decided to buy a Nintendo Wii. We're not a video game family by any means. That was evident in my purchasing the game console.

"Now, does it come with everything we need to play it? And what if I need help hooking it up?"

But, we do enjoy family time at home, but are often at a loss for what to do. Well, this weekend was spent at home, enjoying a few friendly bowling matches and a boxing round that was sure to give me a sore arm this morning.

Happy Birthday Matt and Annelise...and mommy...and Elli Grace...and well, it was a good purchase.