Wednesday, January 20

Wellness Day

Today was a day of doctor appointments for the Neal family. Daddy was the only one exempt. I went to the doctor today for an ear appointment. Long story short, I will need to have reconstructive surgery on my right ear very soon. It is outpatient, 3 hours long, and usually requires 10 days recovery. You can be praying for me over the next few weeks as I have a CT scan to determine how extensive the surgery will be and the scheduling.

In better news, Annelise and Elli both saw the doctor today and received wonderful reports. At two years old, Annelise is in the 10th percentile for height and weight - 24 pounds and 32 inches. The doctor thinks her mature adult height will be 5'4". I think that means her lifelong nickname is going to be peanut.

Elli on the other hand is measuring in the 75th percentile - 14 pounds...and I can't remember her length. Either way, she's healthy and growing.

I love these girls and am so thankful for a wonderful insurance plan that costs us nothing in way of premiums and only a copay for office visits. I'm also praising the Lord for healthy children!


Lee and Candace said...
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Rachael Neal said...
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ABOUT US said...

your girls are so cute!! I can't believe your little peanut is such a peanut. :) Judah is 6 months old and already weighs 22 pounds! His nickname willprobably stick too, BEAR.

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Well, Anne and Wyatt are the same size, i think she's a little taller. That's okay though, Ty is finally past 30 pounds...They are so cute.

Krista Bartlett said...

This picture was such a cute idea. I will have to do that with my boys.