Friday, January 15

Another One Bites the Dust

Ok, maybe not the most appropriate title to describe this post, but honestly, it was the first thing that came to mind.

My baby sister is getting married!

She's the last one of us to get married off...and my parents couldn't be more thrilled. I'm sure they hear freedom ringing in their ears this morning. Ha!

All kidding aside, we adore her fiance, Jasper Swaney, and can't wait for him to be part of our family. Congrats love birds!


Anonymous said...

You can't just leave it like that.We need more details!!! When, where, how?

Aunt Suzie

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Yeah!! Tell her we said congrats!! when???? Jasper seems like a pretty good catch for her, we sure liked him when we met him at leah's wedding. Time to start planning another wedding!!!

The Kampers said...

I am so excited for her! I feel like both her and Leah are my little sisters (weird I know, since I was their teacher and all, but you know how close we were with your parents!) How fun!