Monday, April 26

Goodbye April

I know, its not quite May yet, but I'm inching as close to summer as I can.  So, I'm bidding an early farewell to April.  Its been good, but you're not welcome here anymore.

May flowers around here is a true statement...we begin the month with our world famous Tulip Festival.  Boy, we can't wait!  Especially since our very good friends Betsy and Erin (we will miss you this year Sarah!) will be visiting for the opening weekend.  Eek...I can hardly contain my excitement!

And, I'm sure I'll be writing a lengthy blog post soon regarding my daughter's sudden entry into the terrible two's.  As much as I hate that term, I must admit its true.  Four well-deserved spankings today...before 9:45 am.  Sad.  My heart's cry each day is "Lord, help me to teach her and be consistent in love."  I never knew that prayer could be so difficult.

Ear recovery is going well for me.  I went to my first post op appointment today and it appears everything is healing nicely.  I'm hoping to regain my hearing soon!

We made Nanny Neal's brownie recipe tonight.  Um...yum.  Even Annelise thinks so.

Well, I'm half-heartedly watching Jack Bauer do what he does best...everything.  Anyone else ready for 24 to be over?

Yup, my favorite time of year is coming...naked babies with nothing but diapers.  I can hear the laundry dwindling even now.


Paulina said...

love the pic of annelise! she looks like she's in chocolate heaven :)

The Kampers said...

oh I am sad, I thought we were going to be down for the opening weekend of Tulip Time, and I was oh so excited! And then it didn't work sad, but enjoy!

Pam said...

How long does tulip season last? The first two weeks of May are crazy and we're looking for a fun day the next weekend.
Your girls are so super cute. The "two's" have hit here too. I had a friend tell me that it's not called terrible while they are age two, but rather that it last two years. Ugh, let's pray for each other.

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Don't count us out...Terrible twos have struck our house also. I can't imagine what will be with a new baby in a few weeks. The whining is crazy...and the "I can't". Jenny always said there's the terrible two but wait for the horrible three's!!! I have to agree with her on that, Ty's 3's were worse. Always something to look forward to :) naked babies are my favorite too...especially little tiny ones. The excitement is growing. Talk to you soon!