Monday, April 12

A Whirlwind Weekend

We had a blast this weekend visiting family in Saginaw, Michigan.  I think its been 2 years since I made the trek over there.  Shame, shame.  Three kids under two, three adults, a van load of know, the normal get up for a weekend trip.

Click here to view pictures from our trip.

We visited Dow Gardens Butterfly exhibit on Saturday after a much needed trip to Babys R Us to get my new double stroller!

No buyer's remorse here.

Its beautiful and sunny here today - looking forward to a nice walk to the park for a playdate, getting the laundry done, and seeing daddy late tonight!

Happy Monday!

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The Kampers said...

lovely stroller! Isn't it nice when you get something and you truly like it?! Yeah, and Matt comes home today! Hurray!