Thursday, April 1

Some People

should not be allowed access to email.

I hate forwards.  REALLY hate forwards.

But, I especially hate forwards from business contacts.

To my business email.

With pictures of Easter bunnies and puppies.

Warning me about identity theft.


#1 – You should never send such an email to your entire address book of BUSINESS contacts.  Everything about that is unprofessional.

#2 – What would ever posses you to think that 75 or more people care to open their email and waste their time reading THAT?!

I’ll say it again.

Some people should not be allowed access to email.


The Talberts said...

I have a strict policy about forwards. If I receive an email with FWD in the subject line, I delete it immediately. Even if it was sent to me by my best friend. Or my husband. I don't care if my children start sending me forwards in a few years. I won't read those, either. Hate them. Reading those is almost always a huge waste of time.

Matt and Ashley said...

You know...I hate forwards as well and in the last couple of months it seems like I get more and more to my work email which just drives me crazy...