Monday, May 9

I am Mom.

I don't roar, but according to Annelise, I sometimes scream. 

I lose my patience too quickly.

I expect my children to act like adults.

I expect my kids to treat our home like a museum.

I make a big fuss out of dirty dishes, laundry and unkempt beds.

I forget to savor the moments and focus on getting "more important" things like, getting somewhere on time.

I have my faults.  Lots of them.  Thankfully, Christ has redeemed me.  And his grace is sufficient for me (and my children) each and every day. 

There is no task set before me that is greater in responsibility or importance.  If I do it in Christ's strength, according to his word, I am called blessed. 

So, when I scream, I ask for forgiveness.

When I lose my patience, I take a step back and a deep breath.

If my children act like children, I will remember they will someday be boring adults.

When my house is a mess, I'll focus on the hand prints that won't be there in a few years.

I'll do my best not to make a big fuss, because my kids need to witness a joyful spirit.

And when I forget to savor the moments, I'll remember back to a time when I was once little.  It goes too quickly.

I am mom.


Pam said...

I love this.

Candace said...

Love it!

the Gerths said...

Thanks Rachael. This is a great reminder for all moms...and parents.