Wednesday, May 4

Our Life As Normal

Things are finally feeling a little bit normal.  I like normal.  We're healthy, happy and enjoying the sunshine that we're seeing more often than not.

Last Wednesday our church had a skating party.  Annelise jumped on those skates like it was nobody's business.  I was so proud of her.

And this has been my most recent project.  Spray painting the lawn furniture.  This pink table set goes with our lime green picnic table and our sun yellow porch swing.

The Tulip Festival starts this weekend and we are excited, as always.  We love living downtown during this festival and we get to enjoy lots of beautiful flowers along our almost nightly walks.  

There's that yellow swing.  Oh, and two beautiful little girls are on it.  Doubly sweet.

And who can resist a green, sugary, marshmallowy, bunny sucker at Aldi?  Apparently not Elli.

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rkswaney said...

Love this Rachel! Your girls are growing so fast. Glad things are going great for you and your family. Keep the blog going I enjoy reading and looking at the pictures :O) Thinking and praying for you in SC.