Monday, May 23

The Little Things

I really love air conditioning.  Yesterday was 87 degrees and very humid.  We have been without air conditioning for five years.  Five very long years.  Did I mention our windows don't open.  Yeah.  So, no air conditioning and no breeze, what. so. ever.  Oh - and we live in a brick house.  A heat, death trap.

So, after five long years of saving (having children and depleting our savings) and saving more...we were finally able to put air conditioning in.  And the best part, we paid cash for it!

Last night we went for a walk with the kids.  We played at the playground, walked by the water and came home hot, sweaty and pooped.  I opened the front door and almost cried.  Cool, un-humid air met us as we walked in.

Oh, the joys of air conditioning.  Its going to be a good summer.

Question:  What temperature do you keep your air conditioning on?


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Air conditioning. I couldn't live without it

Stephanie Clark said...

You know what fixes this whole problem? Moving to New England. Barely any humidity, and if you live 1/2 a block from the ocean (like us), you simply open up your windows, smell in the fresh salt air, and feel the breeze all summer long! : )

melissa said...

Oh man .. you're so right! I grew up without air in Vegas and being able to turn our air on now sort of makes me feel emotional, too. Enjoy your cool house! :)