Monday, May 2


My sister Leah went into labor on Saturday.  She was supposed to be induced at 8, but Leland decided that was too late.  I awoke to a call at 7:04 am from my brother-in-law.  

Hey, its go time.
Go time?
Yeah, Leah's in labor.
I thought 8, they induced her early?
No, we came in early.  You better get here.  She's moving fast.
Uh, ok.

Panic ensues.  (This is when it occurred to me...the words "she's going fast" mean get here or you won't see it.)  I have to see it.  It didn't happen if I don't see it. 

Turns out we had a little more time...but not much.  After 15 minutes and only 5 pushes, Leland Anthony was born at 10:51 am.  And I didn't just see it.  I videotaped it.  I narrated it (by accident).  Sorry Leah, my annoying voice, choked up full of tears is on both of your birth videos.  My sister is a machine.  A baby birthing machine.  She is 100 pounds and 5'8" tall.  She has big babies, with ease.  Yes, you can all be jealous.  It figures she would be the one to stop at two.  A boy and a girl are enough for us.

We are so happy to welcome little Leland into our family.  He is the first boy...the first grandson on both sides.   
Proud daddy.
Aunt Sarah recording our guesses for weight and height.
Please note my guess, it is the most important.

Leah.  She looks too comfortable. No epidural yet.

Leland Anthony Parks. 8 lbs. 12 oz. 21 1/2 inches.
Such a content baby.
Big sister Alayna.  She loves him already!
 Anybody have baby fever?


Becca Salmon said...

Total baby fever! Congratulations to Leah and her family on her beautiful baby boy!

And yea for you with such a good guess! You sure know your sister, don't you!

Angie, Jon, Ty, Wyatt & Levi said...

He is soo cute, I can't wait to come and snuggle with him. Tell leah congrats!!!!