Tuesday, May 17

My Kids

Man, I love my kids.  You know, you go through stages of life where you think it can't get any better.  And then the next stage is more fun than you thought possible.

We're at a really fun stage of life right now.  The kids are growing daily and I love to hear them say new things.

Even when those things shock me.

Like when Annelise told me a week ago that she wanted someone to die.  I almost died myself.  Obviously she didn't know what she was saying, and it was a tremendous opportunity for us to teach her a life lesson.  She seemed to get it.

Until today when she said something equally shocking.  I put her on her bed immediately and went outside to consult Matt.  I told her the next time she said that she would have a severe consequence.  I think she understood.  Until next time...

And Elli is keeping pace with her sister.  She can't speak full sentences yet, but she thinks she can.  She is a sassy one.  Who knew number two could be as spunky as number one.  Wow.

If you've met Elli, then you know she's never tasted a food she didn't like.  And she's learned to say "I'm Ungie" - I guess you know what she says all day then.

We're also looking forward to warmer weather here soon.  We've been researching swing sets and are hoping to bless our girls with one very soon.

Phew...how's that for an update?

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