Wednesday, June 3

A Busy Life

A short synopsis of our life the past week:

  • Matt is in his final week of school, administering exams and of course, grading them.
  • I had a golf event this week for the Mission.  Its our largest fundraiser of the year and proved to be a success once again.  
  • Annelise is growing so fast, I can't keep up.  She asked to go to the potty last night.  Huh?
  • We spent our weekend enjoying the beautiful weather (took a long bike ride) and celebrating the season of open houses.  Yeah for free, good food!
  • I am feeling (and seeing) the baby move a lot these days.
  • We have decided to name our new baby girl Elliora.  It is Hebrew and means "the Lord is my Light."  
  • She will most likely be called Elli.
  • We are still debating the middle name, though we have finally narrowed it down to three.
  • Summer has quickly come and plans for vacations, weekend trips and lazy days are being made.
  • And last, but certainly not least in my book, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this weekend by staying at a local inn, enjoying a dinner at The Piper and hopefully sleeping in.  Thanks to Papa and Granny Bartlett for watching Annelise for us!


Anonymous said...

How about Elliora Suzanne? That has a nice ring to it!!

Guess Who!

The Kampers said...

Love the name! So sweet and a good companion to Annelise! Enjoy your time "away"!

amber said...

Cute name! We're having trouble on the name end of things for our little guy!

The Talberts said...

I love the name! It seems like it goes along with Annelise nicely.

Enjoy your anniversary away!