Monday, June 22

Father's Day Fun

I'm still getting used to the fact that we actually have a camera - a good one - that works!  I was totally brain dead yesterday and forgot to take pictures of the Father's Day celebrations. Although, I managed to capture a few at the beginning and end of the day.

Matt started the morning with a surprise breakfast (from Annelise of course) waiting for him in his regular devotion spot.  

Annelise gave him this picture, matted in a beautiful leather frame.  Kudos to my sister for taking such a stellar shot - and thanks to for the editing!  Memories like this will be cherished forever.
We spent the afternoon at my parents' house, enjoying the company of family and their pool. It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday, with enough humidity to choke a horse, so we spent a good 4 hours at the pool, most of it in the water.  I could hardly get Annelise out when it was time to go!

We much enjoyed our day with family, relaxing in God's beautiful creation.  Which leaves me on a Monday morning at 9 am ready for the weekend to start all over again!


Lee and Candace said...

It looks like such a nice day and what a special gift. We had to drag Isabel out of the pool this weekend too. We finally got her out when her lips started to shiver and turn blue:) I know what you mean about it being Monday. I'm wishing for the weekend all over again too!

That would be awesome to see you this summer. The 19th is my due date so maybe we'll have a baby by then:)

The Kampers said...

great photo! And praise God for grandparents with a pool huh? How are you feeling these days friend?

The Neals said...

feeling pretty good, surprisingly! although, being pregnant the second time around is completely different. no time to nap, chasing a 16 month old. you know how it goes!

The Talberts said...

What a nice weekend! What kind of camera did you guys get?

The Neals said...

melissa - we got a canon powershot. its the older model, which still has the color accent on it (a feature we refused to live without). that how i took the blue colored photo of anne and papa in the water. anyways...we love it! its small, easy to use and takes beautiful pictures.