Thursday, June 11

Our Goings On

Summer has rolled in like a...lion, though we are looking forward to the days when it treats us more like a lamb.  With the end of school comes graduation, open houses, teacher clean-up days and more.  It almost seems like there is this big rush to get everything done.  Then, July sweeps in and takes us off to the land of vacations, watermelon and all things summer.  Here is a photo collage of our recent goings on. 

We are enjoying the appearance of daddy more frequently, without a computer glued to his lap. He has retired his red pen for the summer and we are expecting many Fridays spent enjoying garage sales, bike rides and more!

Annelise' two favorite spots while mommy is working from home.  (Above) Under the desk, digging through the trash can.  There must be lots of treasures in there.  (Below) Sitting next to the bookshelf, enjoying a snack, on top of the picnic basket.  She tells me lots of stories from this spot.

We've also been spending quite a bit of time outside.  Daddy loves to work in the yard, tending to all sorts of flowers and ground cover.  And Annelise loves to be mischievous while he does it.

I guess I should also note the purchase of our anniversary gift - a wonderful new digital camera. Thanks to great research and a bargain shoppers' attitude, we got the exact camera we wanted, only $100 cheaper.  It was a beautiful thing.

Who knew we had a rose bush in our front landscape?  For two years we've wondered what this ugly bush was (speaks much of our UNgreen thumbs).  Matt pruned it (read: hacked it down) and behold...a beautiful rose bush.  

And last but not least, I couldn't resist posting this picture of my big girl digging into a roast beef sandwich at Arby's.  She only ate about three bites, but from the looks of this picture, she must have been starving!

Happy beginning to summer to all of you!


The Kampers said...

Yeah for summer and daddy being home! Yeah for new cameras and fun times! Hang in there with the tantrums...Praying for you with that!

Lee and Candace said...

I love the pictures of Annelise in the yard. She is adorable. I think our camera is that exact same one and we love it...well at least it's a canon and we love it. Sounds like an exciting summer. Man, I wish there was a lake, beach, or something here:(

Angie, Jon, Ty & Wyatt said...

Hey, sounds like our summer so you ever check your hotmail account anymore? that's the only email i have for you. Check it or give me a call. I need a reservation at the neal Inn.
How's the belly???

Anonymous said...

I think she looks mischivious in the picture of her on the picnic basket. Let me know what is going on with overnight arraingments for the wedding. If your mom doesn't have a space for us, I need to know so we can book a hotel. By the way, could you give us a recomendation (sp)for a nice cheap place to stay.

Aunt suz