Wednesday, June 24

Keeping Cool

I'm reading 90 degrees outside today and 77 inside.  With no air conditioning to keep us cool - minus a small window unit in our bedroom - I'd reckon that's pretty good!  This typically bright and cheery girl always wants sunlight coming in.  But much of this week has been spent in the dark.  And for good reason.  Opening the shades just allows too much heat to creep its way into our small home.  Being 25 weeks pregnant, I can't seem to wear light enough clothing.  There's a fine line between modesty and comfort when you're this big.  And I tend to lean towards the modesty side of thing.  I did splurge a week or so ago and purchased a new maternity bathing suit. It was well worth it.  I've already worn it 6 times and plan to tally up a lot more in the coming weeks.

By the way, for those of you Luter family members that are attending Juleen's wedding this weekend, we will be there!  We're making a weekend out of it, staying at a local hotel and visiting IKEA the next day.  Excitement.

And next weekend, for the Fourth of July, we will be enjoying some time with the Bartlett family in Lake City.  This 'family cottage' of sorts - which happens to be my Uncle's home - will be our home for four beautiful days.  Well, we'll be sharing it with 25 other people, but who's counting?

Stay cool today.  I'm hoping to get the sprinkler out later and kill two birds with one stone: water our ugly grass and my daughter.


The Kampers said...

Every time we drive through Lake City, I think of you guys and wonder which house on the Lake is your uncle's. Have a blast! I was thinking of getting the sprinkler out too...not sure how much Forrest would like it though.

the Pie family said...

hot and pregnant- not a great combo, i know! we actually keep our AC at 75, so i know 77 is just bearable. :) how often does michigan get to 90? i want to see some prego pics! :)