Tuesday, February 14

Daddies of Daughters

For me, Valentine's Day was always less about wondering who was going to show me some sort of special affection and more about the anticipation of what my dad was going to get me.

No, I wasn't some sheltered little girl that didn't notice boys.  In fact, my daddy knew I was just the opposite and he seized the opportunity to win my heart.

And he did just that.  Instead of worrying about that day, day dreaming about what boy would give me chocolates or a rose.  Instead of trying to win the affections of another, I awaited the affections of my father. 

I remember eagerly wondering when the call would come that "something had arrived for me in the school office."  And when it did, every other girl in my class would be jealous...a balloon, a single red rose, chocolates...it was always a surprise.  One thing was sure...there would be a card with a hand written note from my dad, telling me how much he loved me.

Lest you think all that affection from my father saved me entirely from giving my heart away too soon.  It didn't.  But, it did play a huge role in how I chose to give my heart away when the time came.  And I will always attribute the love and admiration I received from my dad as the influential force that caused me (in the end) to choose right the relationship.

So, daddies of daughters...be not tempted by the excuse that Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day and the like are purely commercial holidays.  Yes, love your daughters every day...but use excuses like these to celebrate the love you have for her.  Teach her the kind of love she should be seeking. And most of all, admonish her to love the Lord and seek His affection first.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Krista Bartlett said...

I will be sharing this with Justin. This is so sweet.

the mama said...

Hmmmm....I think I'm going to share this with some folks at New Hope Center! Thanks Rachel!
Pam Glenn