Sunday, February 12

The Rest of the Yumminess

many kudos go to more than words photography by tammi.  she did such an excellent job photographing our newborn babies.  let the printing of all things photo begin!


Liz K said...

oh my goodness!!! They are darling!! And I am going to need this lady's number!

Rachael Neal said...

Liz - She's really good...and newborns are really her specialty! If you go to her website, you can see her portfolio and even connect with her via her Facebook page. She's a Christian and donates part of her earnings to Women at Risk. She's wonderful to work with too!

Lee and Candace said...

They are precious! They seem so filled out now compared to these pictures! It seems like so long ago! You seem like you are doing great Rachael and taking it all in with great stride!