Thursday, February 23

My memory fails

Every day I think to myself "Oh, I should blog about that..." 

and alas, by the time I sit down at the computer, I've forgotten what it was that I was going to blog about.

Like now.  What was I going to tell you?

Oh yeah, that Elli just asked me to put her snack wrapper in the "fridge" when I know she means "trash."  And yesterday she asked me to hang her picture on the "trash" - I'm going to forget about this someday.

I think I was also going to tell you that Elli likes to sing the taxi song...a lot...but with the wrong words.

Taxi, taxi, riding in the taxi
Roll the wind a bus, roll the wind a bus
Put the money through the slot
See ya later thanks a lot
La la la la la la laaaaaaaaa!

Oh it drives Annelise crazy.  My little type A, firstborn, everything must be done correctly or the world is coming to an end, girl.  I don't know where in the world she got that from.  Ahem.

I should also try my best to note milestones the boys have achieved.  Like they're 9 weeks old (what?!) and are starting to smile and coo.  At their doctor's appointment they had both gained two pounds (that made this breast feeding mama proud) and are officially up to speed with normal babies.  Woot!  No more premie excuses here.

I sadly packed away many of the premie/newborn outfits this week.  Tear.  Just another sign that these babies aren't going to stay that way forever.  Then what?  I'll be a mom of toddler boys...awkward middle school boys...teenage boys...GAH!

I'll just focus on them being 10 weeks for now. 

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Krista Bartlett said...

First of all... I can't believe you are breast feeding both of those boys. Doesn't that put you in some rare super-mothering category? And... I need to meet those boys before they are teenagers. I am so made right now that they are 9 weeks.