Sunday, February 19

Why having four kids has saved me money.

Yes, you read that right.  Saved me money.

Who has time to spend money?  Not me.  Even trips to the grocery store are annoying.

When everything must be timed around nursing newborns...there are no leisurely trips anywhere to spend money on anything.  Shopping has finally gone from enjoyable pastime to a necessary nuisance.  We're out of milk again?  Even if I were brave enough to nurse in public, how convenient would it really be?  One hungry baby screaming in public is one thing...but two?  No thank you.   

And laundry.  Over the last few weeks, the definition of dirty has changed from "I wore this once" to "You can hardly see the spit up...I can wear it again."  Besides, when your wardrobe consists of sweatpants, sweatshirts and the occasional cardigan - does clean really matter?  And when I do get dressed up...(read: decent) its usually only for a few hours.  Shoot, those clothes go right back on the hanger in the closet. 

Speaking of decent...there was a day when I wouldn't leave the house without eye liner on.  You know you've reached some sort of phase when your daughter sees you with make up on and exclaims, "YES!  I like you like that, mommy."  What does that mean?  "With your hair curly and that stuff on your eyes."  Oh, thanks a lot.  So you mean you don't approve of the pony tail and white washed face?  Ok.

Cooking gourmet meals has never been something I've done.  Simple meals are more my thing.  Right now, if it can't cook in the crock pot or be ordered by telephone...we're not eating.  Cereal and milk are really cheap and my kids like it.  Nevermind Matt.

So you see, lots of money saved.  And its ok for right now.  We're living the simple life.  


Ruth said...

:) Love it Rachael! As for the clothes... that's kinda what I've been doing with this sit on my rear thing. Life is returning to more of normal now. I remember those spit up/milk leaks stage. I cannot even begin to imagine twins. You have my awe!

Pam said...

I probably should apologize for laughing loudly! Of course, then I did a check on myself. Stained sweatshirt? check. sweat pants? check. Yep - 4 kids here too and they are all way bigger than yours. I just think kids just changes our thought processes so much. At least my kids are mostly clean right? Love you Neal family and pray for you often.

Krista Bartlett said...

Amen sister! We are spending more time at home and loving every minute of it. The budget is too.
When I read your blog I get a foreshadowing of what my life will look like this summer. After a new baby I batten down the hatches and enter into a hermit-like stage of life for at least 3 months. I am bustling around while I can with that end goal in mind.

Eric said...

Don't forget about the tax credit.