Wednesday, February 1

7 weeks...Oh the terror

My boys are seven weeks old.  Today, as I was nursing Abram, I decided to turn on the boob tube (no pun intended).  There's really not much on at 3:00 worth watching.  But an episode of Dr. Phil caught my eye and I decided to watch a few moments, which turned into the whole hour, which left me full of terror.

Identical twin boys, age 16, so out of control that their parents were throwing in the towel.  Wow.  How do you get to that point?  I guess pot smoking, alcoholic, full of hatred and anger twin boys might push me to that edge too.  Honestly, my biblical viewpoint on parenting forces me to hold the parents responsible first for their sons' behavior (and I was glad to hear Dr. Phil affirm that)...but I'm also forced to recognize that they are responsible for their own sinful actions.  I'm sure those parents felt like they had failed.  And in many ways, they had.  How sad.  Very, very sad.

And then a friend of mine posted this incredibly eye-opening post on her blog that made me even more fearful for my young men.  Its not that this is news to me...the world we live in is a very scary and wicked place.  That's why scripture affirms us over and over to cling to Christ, turn our faces towards him and to flee sin.  But I'm a woman.  I've only ever mothered women.  Ask me about all the struggles my girls will face with sexuality, body image, the desire to be loved and accepted by men - and I could write a book.  But I'm new to this "mothering a male" thing...and yes, even now at seven weeks old, its much different.  I feel a greater sense of protection over my boys.  I guess I understand that special bond a daddy has with his daughters now.  I feel that same sense of protection for my boys.

My sweet, sweet boys.  Full of sin even now, but so ignorant of what lies ahead.  My heart is weighty at all that you'll have to flee from in your life.  And my prayer is that you do just that, flee.  Cling to Christ and be fully aware that the temptress will try her hardest to lure you in.  Fight, my sons.

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Liz K said...

oh how I hear you! I pray constantly that they will be God's men, full of courage and strength to the right thing. That they would love God and people and they would be like arrows in the hands of a warrior that would go out and pierce the kingdom of darkness with the Kingdom of Light...big big stuff!