Thursday, January 10

38 Weeks and Counting

I had my 38 week check-up yesterday.  I'm still dilated to 2cm - so no progress there.  But, during the middle of the exam (without warning) the doctor decided to strip my membranes.  HOLY COW does that hurt!  She said she wanted to get the process moving a little faster.  She also decided to stretch out my cervix a little bit while she was in there.  (Sorry men, if you're reading this, I should have warned you long ago.)  Needless to say, I was just a little sore after my appointment - and I had a baby shower to go to right afterwards.  Yuck!  I rewarded myself last night with a Tylenol PM (yes, the doctor said it was ok) and enjoyed the best night's rest I've had in weeks.  I feel pretty good today - but unfortunately don't have any signs of labor.  

Oh and we got the last two items we really needed for the baby - a stroller and a high chair!  Thanks to all the ladies at HRM for your thoughtfulness.


The Talberts said...

I check your blog all the time to see if you're in labor yet. I'm sure you're just a little bit more anxious than I am. ;)

Were you bothered that she stripped your membranes without consulting you? I would've freaked out.

the Pie family said...

when my OB said she was going to "help things along" i went into labor within 48 hours, and had contractions the entire time. i will be praying for you! i hope it's SOON!

Matt and Rachael Neal said...

ok, so i'm having contractions now, so i guess i can't be too upset at her for stripping my membranes. although, matt is gone and i'm anxious for him to get home.