Friday, January 18

Another Update

It's 5:30 pm - I've been on the pitocin for 8 hours and things are progressing quite well (according to the nurse).  My contractions are steady and more frequent, though not too painful yet.  At 6 pm they are going to put an internal contraction monitor in to get a better picture of how I'm progressing.  Some of you probably think I'm crazy for blogging, but its not really that bad right now, so I figured to beat the boredom and keep my eye off the monitor, I'll update you all on the progress.  We're so happy to be indoors tonight - as we watch the snow fall outside and hear how bitter cold it is.  Stay warm!


Kentucky Kate said...

You are quite the trooper. Keep it up!!!

Tom said...

Yay for blogging!!! Are you going to put a web cam up next? That would be so cool.