Friday, January 25

Our Story

I've been tagged by cousin Pam to tell our story - so here goes...

Matt and I are 6.5 years apart in age.  It surprises most people, until they hear how we met.  After a year at community college, I transferred as a sophomore to Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  I was a fresh faced barely 19 year old.  Matt also transferred to Moody a year earlier, but made the decision to attend Bible college later in life.  He was 23.  We met in a sort of by accident - although we know God purposed it.  One of my floor mates was trying to "set me up" with a guy that lived on Matt's floor.  It turned out that neither of us was interested in the other, but as a group, we had a great time out together.  That was my first experience hanging out with Matthew. Throughout that first semester, Matt and I spent a lot of time together by hanging out in small groups.  During that time, I never suspected that Matt was interested in me - and I hadn't event considered him an option.  So, I was doing anything but trying to impress him.  We laugh because generally when we would hang out, I would wear a hat, no make-up, sweats - pretty much anything that I was comfortable in.  I figured I wasn't looking for a relationship with this guy, so why impress him.  Later, I found out that Matt thought I was just so comfortable around him, that it didn't matter whether or not I impressed him with my looks.  He was even more attracted to me because of this!  To make a long story a little shorter, after hanging out together in groups, I started to get weird signals from Matt - and I found myself returning those signals.  Flirting or focusing our attention more on one another than the group, I realized that maybe this guy was interested in me - and I in him.  One awkward night, Matt asked me to go for a walk - alone.  We had never spent time together alone.  My ignorance quickly subsided and I realized what this "walk" meant.  I was nervous beyond belief.  As we walked, he began to tell me how he felt about me, that he would like to date me.  And I also expressed my interest in dating him.  After that night in February 2002, things moved quickly.  We dated for about 4 weeks and I found myself becoming very attached to him emotionally.  Having been in these kind of relationships before, I gave Matt and ultimatum.  We need to determine whether or not we're in this relationship for the long haul - and if not, then we need to end it.  I was getting smarter with my heart and wanted to guard against giving it to someone that wasn't going to be my husband.  Matt wisely took our spring break as just that - a break to determine whether or not we should continue our relationship.  After much prayer, seeking wise counsel and examining his own heart, Matt decided that he wanted to continue in the relationship.  Though he failed to tell me for 4 days after we returned from break!  It was killing me to know.  He asked me to go for a walk that week and I was again nervous beyond belief, not knowing what his answer would be.  He took me to the top of an apartment building in Chicago, overlooking the city and told me he wanted to date me exclusively and pursue a long-term relationship.  I was thrilled!  Then, I hit him with another request - he had to call my dad and ask his permission to pursue this relationship.  He did (which spoke volumes to me and my family).  We were engaged a year and a half later and have been married for 3.5 years now.  As I sit here, with my week-old daughter on my lap, and my husband sipping coffee beside me, I can't help but thank God for the unique ways he brings us together to fulfill his plan.  I have said before that God's choice for me was so much better than I could have chosen for myself.  He has provided a husband for me that loves the Lord first, his family second and is compassionate towards others.  We have a heart for ministry and want to see many come to know the Lord personally.  

Pam - Thanks for tagging me to tell this story.  Its a great reminder of God's sovereignty in our lives!  


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I don't think I ever knew the whole story. I remember when I met Matthew at a Luter get together and how well he fit in. I knew it was meant to be. God certainly has blessed you with a Godly husband. That is such a treasure!

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By the way....You are GORGEOUS in your wedding dress!!!!!