Sunday, January 20

Our Precious Little One

Annelise is doing great - and mommy is feeling much better after a good night's rest, hot shower and food!  


Lee and Candace said...

So sweet!

Pam said...

Rachael, You are such a cute little Mommy. She's adorable.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Congrats, she is so cute !!!!

Flee said...

WOW! kinda makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside...those pics bring little baby tears to my eyes.
How blessed we are to be parents!

Randa said...

Rachel & Matt,
Congratulations! You are absolutely right: there is nothing like holding your first child unless it is your first grandchild!
I pray that you will enjoy every moment -- even the sleepless ones--because the time will pass as quickly as a blink of the eye.