Tuesday, January 22


We left the hospital yesterday at one to come home with our little girl.  It's so strange how you can enter a place a family of two and leave as a family of three.  When we got home, I think I was a little ambitious and decided to get on the computer, cook dinner, put things away...before long, I was on a downward spiral.  Around 6pm I kind of lost it - physically, emotionally, and mentally. The exhaustion was a little more than I could handle.  But, God granted us a few hours of sleep last night (and I mean a few).  They were just what we needed to get through another day at home.  Annelise is doing so well!  She's breast feeding like a champ - which any mom out there knows can be such a frustrating time the first few days home.  She didn't sleep much last night, but dad and I are happy to have enjoyed a much needed nap today.  The weather here in Michigan in blizzard-like, so its been nice to be inside a warm house together.  We're spending lots of time snuggling our little one.  I've been told you can't spoil a newborn - although I intend to try.  Keep praying for health of Annelise - and for my quick recovery.  Each day is exponentially better than the one before.  I'm sure you'll be seeing many new pictures/videos soon!


Elly'sMommy said...

I know exactly what you mean about that first day home! I wasn't even that ambitious; still, by 8:00 I was in tears and Ben was gently putting me to bed! That was me for about a week and a half. By 8 I was done.

I always say that the week after Elly was born was the best week of my life. People quietly coming and going and bringing meals and doing my laundry; Ben home all day; a newborn laying right there next to me... or on me! I loved every second of it. Savor this time. I know everyone will say it, but you cannot believe how fast it goes. Now that she's almost two I feel a little more sane about how fast she progresses, but when she was a newborn I was almost desperate for her to stay the same! :o) Enjoy every second of this special week. The first time you bring her to church will be the best Sunday of your life! hehe

Reading your blog has made me excited about this next one! Thanks for being so excited... and such a dedicated blogger!

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Will be praying for much rest and quick healing !

Kentucky Kate said...

Oh, this post made me laugh. Someone should have warned you! Tell Matt to force you to lay down and not do any laundry or cooking for several weeks. I was never less prepared for something than after Elise. I felt like I had lost my mind with the emotions. Just hang in there - it really does get better. I called Kara sobbing the week after I had Evie just to make her tell me I wasn't crazy. So if you need someone to tell you that, let me know :)

Those pictures above are GORGEOUS. She is so beautiful. Take it easy and recover. You have a great excuse to be totally lazy. Glad the nursing is going well.