Thursday, May 7

E.L.F. Make Up

Ok, ladies...sorry for all of the hassle.  First, I posted about this great deal on E.L.F. makeup that a coworker referred me to.  Then, I heard from another blog friend that it could be a scam (after she placed a large order).  I felt terrible for possibly referring something that could harm friends. I did some research online and it doesn't appear to be a scam, per se. Unfortunately, there isn't any REAL deal here.  E.L.F. products are always sold for $1 a the retailers that carry them. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales did not buy them out.  So, its still a great price for makeup, but not necessarily a time sensitive steal.  

Also, I'm not sure about the coupon code CAROLINE.  A friend placed an order and received 50% off by using that code, but we're still not sure if the code is a scam or not.  I'll keep you posted.

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