Tuesday, May 12

What A Weekend

I feel like there is so much to blog, I've been putting it off.  Blogging shouldn't be a burden, I guess.

We spent a wonderful week enjoying Tulip Time!  The weather was gorgeous and the festival was full of everything we hoped for - elephant ears, Dutch dancers, friends and parades.  It doesn't get better than that!  

Three beautiful Kentucky friends came to visit over the weekend.  We were so refreshed to spent time with Erin, Betsy and Sarah.  Thanks for coming friends!

And now we're back to the grind, preparing for school to end and a big golf event at the Mission. Summer is just around the corner and continues to tease us with sporadic days of sunshine and 75 degree weather - like today.

I'll leave you with my feeble attempt to photograph Annelise and her cousin Alayna.  By the looks of it, we have a lot of preparing to do before another baby comes.  She was not impressed with the idea of touching Alayna.

Seriously mom?  Don't put that kid on me!

Annelise at 16 months old and Alayna at 3 months old - almost the same size!

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The Talberts said...

annelise is such a doll!