Tuesday, May 26

Family Reunion

What a fantastic Memorial weekend!  On Saturday, we spent a quiet morning sleeping in, going out for breakfast at McDonald's and happening upon a neighborhood sale where we hit a jackpot of deals.

Originally we had planned to drive down to Indiana on Sunday morning for the Neal Family Reunion.  But thought, "What the heck, let's drive down Saturday afternoon and stay at a hotel."  We met up with Matt's sister and parents and enjoyed an afternoon of swimming in the pool and hot tub and a wonderful dinner out with family.

Sunday morning, we headed out to Crown Point, Indiana for the first ever Neal Family Reunion.  What a day we had!

Neal Family (We are on the bottom left kneeling in between Matt's parents.)

Annelise, Matt, Sarah (Matt's sister) and Mia (our niece)

The weekend must have pooped Annelise out.  She fell asleep in the swing!

Me and my wonderful mother-in-law, Lora.  I love her!

The party-planning committee: Matt's cousins Dawn (left) and Beth (right) with me in the middle!


Paulina said...

I love Annelise asleep in the swing!

ABOUT US said...

The picture of Annelise in the swing is precious!!

Pam said...

You look great Rach!
I love that picture of Annelise in the swing too. What a sweetie!

The Talberts said...

I was going to say how much I love the one of Annelise in the swing, but apparently I am not the only one. You look terrific, Rachael! But where is your Neal shirt?

The Neals said...

yeah, about the neal shirt...

i'm vain.

i knew there would be TONS of pictures taken and my t-shirt was a large, which didn't make me look pregnant, but rather "large" - so i ditched it.

Lee and Candace said...

Yea, I was going to say...um, you don't even look pregnant! You look great! I know what you mean about the t-shirt thing though. Looks like such a fun time and yes that picture of Annelise in the swing is adorable!