Monday, May 4

Little Miss Chatterbox

I recently posted a list of all of the words that Annelise can say.  But, I thought it would be so much more interesting if you could hear some of them for yourself.  Here are a few of the words. As you can see, you're also getting a glimpse of her independent personality.  


PS - That snack cup was the best purchase I made at the grocery store today.  2 for $5.19!  It holds all kinds of precious goodies (Trix ceral today) that Annelise may help herself to.  It's a mommy's right hand...with nothing to sweep up!


Pam said...

Awww, she is getting so big! I love her little voice.
We love those snack cups too! Aren't they nice just to fill up and let them eat while playing?

angie said...

those snack cups are the best!!!! Wyatt is eating cereal in his right now.

The Neals said...

that's daddy's!

Kelly Glupker said...

She's a doll and yes, those snack cups are wonderful!

Laurie said...

Hi, this is Pam's friend Laurie. I just added those snack cups to my next shopping trip...thanks!