Tuesday, May 19

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Yup, in 24 hours we'll be in the doctor's office, watching a screen that hopefully tells us what kind of child we're going to have.

I'm not anxious at all.  Actually, I'm more nervous about how Annelise will behave in the doctor's office than I am what kind of genitalia will appear on the screen.  Does that sound crude?  I hope not.  

It would be nice if we had a boy...that seems to be the only name we agree on.  The Lord knows Annelise could use a sibling tough enough to put her in her place.

But, we'd be happily content with another girl.  Sure would mean a lot less stress and shopping for me this summer.  

Check back soon for the real info.



yay can't wait to hear what you are having!

The Kampers said...

can't wait to hear! Praying Anne will behave!

Lee and Candace said...

Uh, I had two Drs. Appts. with Isabel with me today and I think the only thing I was worried about was her behavior too...which, overall was good. I'm sure Annelise will do great! We look forward to hearing your exciting news!:)

Anonymous said...

Good luck..Jennifer has has 2 ultrasounds and they are still not 100% sure. They think it is a girl since they couldn't find any boy parts, but they still said don't go out and buy pink!

Aunt Suzie

Brianna.Legg said...

Friend! I didn't even know you were expecting! Congratulations! I was so jealous that Betsy and the girls got to come see you. I ran into Betsy and Sarah before they left town that Friday and I was tempted to sneak into the back of the car!

The Neals said...

brianna - i guess the news didn't make it down to g-town! :) wish you would have snuck your way up here. we would have LOVED to see you! you're always welcome.