Monday, September 28

Apple Picking

I have to admit that not having this baby early has allowed us time to make some last minute memories as a family.  This past Saturday, we went apple picking for the first time.  The last time Matt and I went apple picking was in college.  We were dating, madly in love and spent more time flirting than picking apples.  Funny that our next apple picking memory would be centered on our child.  Amazing how time flies...

Annelise was shocked to find out that apples grow on trees.  We are city people, therefore, she has only ever seen me take an apple out of bag, slice it and eat it.  When we entered the orchard, she was amazed!

Of course she loved eating the apples along the way.  I think there are probably 50 freshly picked apples with a small bite out of them sitting on the ground at Crane's Orchard.

Daddy thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with Annelise.  She wasn't very attentive while he was trying to teach her which apples to pick, but that's ok.  There will be plenty more times for "apple lessons" in the future.

One last family picture before we add another bundle of joy to our home. 


The Kampers said...

We did a lot of those last minute family memories last fall, mainly to keep my mind off of being so very pregnant. But they were good memories non the less! Prayed baby would turn on her own today!

The Kampers said...

oh, and super cute sweater by the way!

Amanda Irene said...

yeah you guys are too cute!