Friday, September 18

Its Too Much to Hope For

I'm officially 37 weeks. According to all my pregnancy books, blogs and even the doctor herself - my baby has reached full-term. Which means there's really no reason why she can't come out TONIGHT.

Sad is the day when Labor & Delivery at Holland Hospital sounds better than my couch.


Kara said...

He he. You sound like me when I was pregnant with Abby. 38 wks and I could hardly walk her head was soooo low. Come on, you can stick it out for one more week! :)

The Kampers said...

oh friend! I hear you all too well! The Hospital always seems a better option to me than the couch at this point! I really don't understand that whole home birth thing!

The Neals said...

ha! i'm trying so hard not to be a "complainer" during these last few weeks - but honestly, i don't remember feeling this yucky with annelise. in fact, i think the day they induced me, i was up early feeling fine. today, i could hardly get out of bed. ugh! oh well, here's to another few weeks of nesting, driving my husband crazy and who knows what else.

the Pie family said...

try to enjoy these last few days/weeks with just your hubs and anne. she'll be here soon enough! but if you are too know what to do to induce's in all the books ;)

Amanda Irene said...

Did I mention that I love petocin? Emma was induced b/c nothing happened after my water broke. Andrew was induced 10 days early b/c I was "ripe" and he was a nine pounder already! Both times everything went fine.

Hang in there! only a few more days. Look how far you come!

A friend of mine got had her feet and ankles rubbed and had the baby 5 hrs later. I guess there is a "button" there too. Good luck! I'll be praying!