Wednesday, September 2

I Hate Meijer

I don't usually dedicate my blog posts to such negativity.  But I'm so fuming mad, I think this might be the only way to get over it.

I ran to Meijer today.  Just a quick trip to pick up a shower curtain liner, because ours ripped and I'm sick of stepping in cold water throughout the day.  

I decided that it would be fun to pay $1 and get Annelise a tv cart.  I mean, the dollar goes towards the Children's Hospital and I figured, what's a dollar when you're 34 weeks pregnant and have to cart a toddler around the store.

I put Annelise into the car - she was thrilled! - and put my dollar into the machine.  It gladly accepted my hard earned money, but then proceeded to tell me that cart rental was currently unavailable.  Huh?  Why take my money then?  

I flagged down the nearest, red shirt wearing person I could find and asked for help (nicely, mind you).  She very quickly stated, "I can't help you, I'm not on the clock.  You'll need to find someone else."

(Blood beginning to warm, but not boil...yet.)

I flag down another woman, who is on the phone.  She tells me, "Oh, you'll have to go to the desk...wait, no...see that girl walking?  Grab her, she can help you."

I look to my right and see another red shirt clad woman swiftly walking away from me, with a phone to her ear.

At this point, I have no choice but to remove my child from the tv cart, which I know what you're all thinking.  Wait for it, wait for it...

Yes, Annelise starts throwing the most horrendous fit ever.

I walk with my screaming child (34 weeks pregnant) after the women and finally catch her.  We stand and wait while she is on the phone.  I stand as close to her as I can get so that my child screaming really annoys her.

She was kind enough to help us.  "Sorry, those things never work.  You'll have to go to Customer Service and fill out a form to get your dollar back."

Huh?  Can't you just give me a dollar?  

When we return to the cart stand, I realize the cart is free for the taking, the TV just doesn't work.  No problem - my kid just likes the cart anyways.  So, we continue on, pacified but certainly NOT satisfied.

While perusing the store, I notice that children's rain boots are on sale.  SCORE!  I've been wanting to buy Annelise a pair, but just can't justify the $17 that Target is charging these days. I find a cute little green pair in her size and we make our way to the checkout.

With only two items, I think the self-checkout is probably the best option.  We scan the shower curtain liner...$3.99.  Then we scan the boots...$16.99.  What?!  I flag down the lady helping the self-checkout happens to be the lady that was "not on the clock" earlier.  

She swiftly grabs the boots from Annelise - which starts another horrendous fit, this time including alligator tears which broke mommy's heart.  When she returned, she coldly explained that only the pink boots were $5, but the green boots were full price.

No, no - I know this isn't true.  I priced them all.  The boots I grabbed just must have been unmarked.  

"Well, you'll have to go back there and get a pair for yourself."

Oh no you didn't.

I think I must have given her the look of death at that point.  I never paid for an item so quickly and stormed out of the store.

Morale of the story:  never expect anyone that works at Meijer to go above and beyond their stated position.   Even if you're 34 weeks pregnant, carrying a screaming toddler.


Amanda Irene said...

Oh my word!!!

Yep I would have been throwing things and probably crying.

I would think a 34 week baby belly would be a sign. Give me a break man!

Kara said...

"Oh no you didn't."

I was hoping you'd punch somebody by the end of the story. That wouldn't have been very Christian like behavior, but I would've cheered for sure.

The Talberts said...

ha. i'm with kara.

so .. did you have to pay the full price for the boots?

Paulina said...

Oh man...people are usually extra helpful to prego's! So sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

The Kampers said...

Blahhhh! I remember a similar day in Target when I was like 38 weeks pregnant with Forrest...the lady wanted me to go back to the baby isle and drag a high chair back to the costumer service desk...

So sorry...and yeah, did you pay full price for the boots?

The Neals said...

are you kidding me? i did the only thing i could do - made that crazy lady take them back herself!

i might have been angry, but i would NEVER pay full price for boots. :)

Jessica said...

That is so crazy!!!

And I had no idea that TV carts even existed! I guess it wouldn't matter if I did, they don't seem to work anyways!

krissy said...

yikes. i'm glad you didn't break down in tear with annelise. a punch would have been funny though.

krissy said...

tears, plural :-)

Sarah Glupker said...

That is a classic case of customer service run amuck!!! Someone should have been able to radio for an employee to go and get you the other boots, or bring a green pair back to check if they were a different price.
You should've stated something about being pregnant, having poor customer service, and wanting to speak to a manager. That usually does the trick...
Your little Annelise is a cutie-patootie by the way. Looking forward to seeing your new little bundle!

ABOUT US said...

That is the kind of thing that makes me boycott stores...I won't go in a Babiesrus anymore. Sorry that happened, people can be so stupid and selfish!

Matt and Ashley said...

Wow! That is crazy...I probably would have went off on the woman or the customer service desk you handled it better than I could ever...Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)